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Central PA to End 11-Day Cloudy Streak?

November 06, 2012; 10:03 AM

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We've had some remarkably cloudy and cold weather here in State College, Pa., home of AccuWeather HQ for the past two weeks. Hurricane Sandy brought in clouds early, then lingered late, and even after the hurricane had dissipated, chance kept us under the clouds. The following graph is from WeatherSpark:

What this shows (other than the awesome pressure drop during Hurricane Sandy) is that we haven't seen the sun in 11 and a half days. Incredible. And for six and a half days, the temperature has stayed between 32 and 42 degrees (the purple areas in the graph show normals, note that we're underneath the average low during most of that period). The local airport here (KUNV, from where those readings come) doesn't monitor the weather 24/7 however, but even looking at official records at Penn State, temps have been between 32 and 44 for that time period and about the same is true at my weather station at home.

We're very hopeful today that the sun will shine here (though admittedly, it will seem odd), once this fog burns off (it seems clear other than that, see AccuCam and Visible Satellite image from 9 a.m. above).

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