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32 Inches of Snow: Boxing Day Blizzard Greatest Hits

December 27, 2010; 10:44 AM ET

UPDATE 12/28: Snow list below updated at 9 PM Monday. Final snow map from NOAA (Northeast Zoom) and AccuWeather are shown below. NASA also has some great satellite images including this one, and high-res sectors showing the rare North Carolina and Deep South snow on the ground two days after Christmas.

And one more great photo from Scott Miller via our Facebook page:

ORIGINAL REPORT: Here are some images of the Boxing Day Blizzard. What a beautiful storm and what amazing snowfall amounts. Shown below are some beautiful photos from our Facebook Page, along with lists of the highest wind gusts and snow amounts per state, along with maps from RadarPlus.

Winds have gusted up to 80 mph at Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and the storm surge caused "water up to car windows on cozy beach avenue in New Haven, Connecticut" according to NWS spotter reports.

(See satellite without wind arrows)


Elizabeth, NJ: 31.8"
Great Kills, NY: 29.0"
Randolph, NH: 25.0"
Saugus, MA: 19.2"
Landgrove, VT: 21.0"
Wilton, CT: 18.0"
Suffolk, VA: 16.3"
Ocean City, MD: 13.5"
Woonsocket, RI: 13.0"
Levant, ME: 14.0"
Stockley & Woodbury, DE: 11.7"

Before this storm was the Boxing Day Blizzard in the Northeast, it provided a rare White Christmas across the Southeast. Atlanta, Georgia celebrated their first White Christmas since 1881. For more of a historical perspective on this event, read our article "How Unusual Was the White Christmas?".


Flat Springs, NC: 16.2"
Cosby, TN: 12.0"
Viper, KY: 9.7"
Multiple Locations, GA: 7.0"
Near Cherokee, AL: 5.0"
Near Simpsonville, SC: 5.0"

Buoy #44018 off the Nantucket coast dropped to 28.44" Hg pressure (on the cusp of a Category 3 Hurricane's pressure). For comparison, the record low pressure observed at Nantucket was 28.18".

This was a shot of the NWS Warnings last night. As one of my Facebook Friends said, I can't remember the last time that the entire Northeast coast was under a Blizzard Warning.

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