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Incredible Video, Australian Tornado Radar Images

March 22, 2013; 9:33 AM ET

Multiple tornadoes in northern Victoria, Australia, injured 20 people yesterday. Australia is (in my opinion) second only to the U.S. when it comes to massive thunderstorms and tornadoes, and because of that, some of their radar technology is up to par with ours. The Bureau of Meteorology released these radar images:

Meteorologist and veteran U.S. Storm Chaser Roger Edwards wrote on Facebook:

"   Impressive reflectivity image of a tornadic super cell yesterday in SE Australia. The radar is a C-band unit in NE Victoria, inside the forward-flank core of the supercell. The storm appears "backwards" because it is in the southern hemisphere, and rotating clockwise, with the inflow on the NE side.

A satellite image showed the widespread severe storms:

Impressive Damage photos were available from Higgins Storm Chasing. Additional photos, commentary and videos are available in the Facebook Storm Chasers Down Under List.

The tornado was well-documented on YouTube, for example this couple driving, who were WAY too close (incredible video):

And 9News on Facebook provided this footage of the damage:

The location was on the northern border of Victoria:

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