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    Jesse Ferrell

    10 Awesome High-Res Hurricane Sandy Maps, Trends

    By Jesse Ferrell, Meteorologist/Community Director
    10/31/2014, 12:05:36 PM

    BONUS! Couldn't resist adding these awesome maps from NASA:


    And also these 3D animations from NCAR:


    Hurricane Sandy was one year ago. In the 48 hours around the anniversary, (stats updated 10/30, see also 10/29 image) 29,964 people tweeted 34,062 times with the term "Sandy" -- from population centers all over the globe, but, of course, most of them came from the northeastern United States, according to TrendsMap.com. Not surprisingly, the graph showed a spike Tuesday morning, the day of the landfall anniversary. Click on the image to see the top tweets and web addresses being shared:


    Today, in memory of the storm and the tragedy, I'd like to offer a collection of what I consider to be the best, most-poignant, post-analysis, high-resolution weather maps from the Superstorm (Capital Weather Gang also has an excellent collection). As far as photos, a Google search may suffice, but these from Buzzfeed are the best high-resolution before and after photos that I've seen.

    hurricane sandy oct 22-31, 2012 148 killed direct 138 indirect damage: $68 billion (2012 USD) second costliest hurricane in U.S. history aka frankenstorm and superstorm sandy tropical storm tropical depressions hurricane landfall 10-29

    But first, a list of links to my blog entries from the event:

    - The Coming Halloween Superstorm -- or Not (Oct. 22, 2012; 12:51 PM) - Sandy the Superstorm? History Says No (Oct. 24, 2012; 12:29 PM) - Sandy: A Few Good Men Vs. the Storm of the Century (Oct. 26, 2012; 6:53 AM) - Could Sandy Break the NE U.S. Low Pressure Record? (Oct. 26, 2012; 4:47 PM) - Hurricane Sandy: The $100 Billion Storm (Oct. 29, 2012; 3:12 PM) - Superstorm Sandy Stats: 95 MPH Wind, 40-Foot Waves (Oct. 30, 2012; 2:29 PM) - Hurricane Sandy Drops 3-5 Feet of Snow! (Oct. 31, 2012; 9:11 AM) - Devastating Hurricane Sandy Before and After Sat Images (Nov. 01, 2012; 10:13 AM) - 250,000 Hurricane Sandy-Ravaged Cars (Jan. 07, 2013; 12:55 PM)

    The copyright / source on the graphics is AccuWeather unless otherwise mentioned. Click on each map for HD awesomeness.

    maximum gusts from sandy october 29-30, 2012 96 mph

    We also have a series of one-year-later stories on AccuWeather.com today, examining how Sandy turned into a "meteorological monster" and stories about homeowners who haven't yet recovered.

    total rainfall from sandy october 29-30, 2012 inches locally >8


    sandy snowfall through october 30, 2012 inches 1-3 feet above 3,000 feet 6-12 inches

    waves wave height pro.accuweather.com wavewatch iii model 42 feet

    3-D Wind Field in Hurricane Sandy, by UCAR:


    2-D Wind Field in Hurricane Sandy, by NOAA


    Hurricane Sandy vs. Hurricane Katrina Stats, by Huffington Post:


    Hurricane Sandy Flood Tweets, by FloatingSheep.Org:


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    Jesse Ferrell