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Oyster Restoration Helpful in Battling Acidic Waters

By Valerie Smock
July 25, 2013; 11:29 AM ET

A recent study states by restoring oyster reefs, the acidic levels of the waters could decrease. Valerie Smock says it may be possible the damage is already be too far gone to be fixed.

You can restore many things. If you want to restore an old car or piece of furniture, it's possible, but have you ever heard of restoring oyster restoration?

Scientists have found multiple benefits for restoring oyster reefs in Chesapeake Bay and other coastal ecosystems, according to a study put out earlier in 2013. The study points out benefits such as the ability of oyster reefs to help buffer the increasing acidity of ocean waters.

More acidic oceans could lead to corrosive effects on the calcium of carbonate shells and possible physiological effects of fish larvae and other marine creatures. The study claims if current rates increase, ocean acidity is predicted to double by 2100.

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