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Drought Does Not Equate Famine, a Special Earth Matters Report

By Jalelah Ahmed
June 21, 2013; 12:33 PM ET

The United Nations estimates that between 2010 and 2012 more than a quarter of a million people died from famine in Somalia; more than half were young children. While news outlets around the world began firing off about the country's paralyzing drought, that narrative was not conclusive.

While famine can be a derivative of drought, drought, in modern times at least, does not lead to famine. Examine the United States and Australia. Both experienced levels of exceptional drought in 2012, but not famine. In fact, the Global Drought Monitor's latest report indicates that drought in the United States is worse than in the Horn of Africa now. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), less than five percent of the United State's population goes to bed hungry. Jalelah Ahmed, @accujalelah explores why in her latest Earth Matters report.

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