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Ask the Rules Guy: Can I Peek Into My Opponent's Bag to See Which Club He Used?

By Rules Guy
June 26, 2013; 1:00 PM ET

Rules Guy: Can I peek into my opponent's bag to see which club he used?

-Dana Jensen, New Orleans, La.

You can look, just don't touch. Decision 8-1/10 states that information obtained by observation is not a breach of Rule 8-1, but Decision 8-1/11 prohibits a player from obtaining such information by a physical act, such as removing a towel to see a club.

Credit: Don Penny


Hey, Rules Guy: I know you aren't allowed to reconfigure adjustable clubs during a round. But if a weight loosens in the course of play, can you tighten it? Or must you live with the rattle until the round is finished?

-Bob Horning, via e-mail

Adjustable clubheads still boggle my mind. I remember the days when you needed a hammer and chisel to tweak a driver. Yes, Bob, the Rules of Golf do permit you to tighten a weight mid-round, assuming the weight was loosened during the "normal course of play"-i.e., not as a result of intentional smashing, hurling, snapping, etc. Rule 4-3a gives you three options: (1) Keep using the club as is; (2) Fix it, assuming you can do so quickly; or (3) Replace it, assuming the club can't be played or fixed. So break out your toolbox and get to work. Just don't dawdle.

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