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    7 Tips for Camping Meals

    By Ari Rudess
    June 19, 2013; 1:38 PM ET

    When it comes to camping, food can either be one of the most enjoyable or most terrifying aspects of your trip.

    Many people find cooking outdoors without the distractions of electronics, other people, or everyday obligations appealing, while others dread making do without their fridges, cooking over an open fire, or coming back to find their hot dogs being eaten by a hungry bear.

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    For those who are dissuaded from embarking on camping trips because they question their ability to survive without modern convenience, not to fear. Although it may not be as easy as cooking with your high-tech appliances at home, preparing delicious meals while camping is far from impossible. In fact, you might even find that some food tastes better when it's prepared outdoors.

    Simple tips like using frozen canned items as makeshift coolers and pre-portioning meals before you leave will help you pack and eat well, even if you're living in a tent. Check out our slideshow for some tips on how to stay practical but satisfied on camping trips.

    Credit: TheDailyMeal

    Consolidate Utensils

    If you're looking to lighten your load, all you need is a fork, a spoon, and a Swiss Army knife. You can use the tool to open canned goods, slice bread, cut meat, or even chop a stick in half! And don't forget the spork...

    Credit: TheDailyMeal

    Don't Forget the H2O

    Don't leave the house without making sure that you will have access to clean water during your trip. Find out if your campsite has running water, and if they don't, make sure you pack purification tablets to use for drinking and cooking water.

    Credit: TheDailyMeal

    Think Light

    Ideal camping food is light, filling, and expands when cooked. Beans and grains will be light on your back and keep you satisfied and energized during your trip.

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