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Updated Snow Map for the Storm

January 9, 2011; 12:46 PM ET



Keep in mind folks, I am trying to cover almost half the country on the snow map so I will be wrong in some places. While I like the areas shown, there will be differences in those areas.

1. Across the South, it's a nasty storm with heavy snows and significant ice. As I showed on the map, a lot of road closures and school delays for Monday.

2. Also across the South, watch where the thunderstorms move north. Where they move north into the cold air is where you will find the heavy snow bands.

3. Plains, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley get a widepread snow event. High snow ratios may bring more snow so I might be underdone on amounts in some areas.

4. Coastal areas in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast still look like they'll fight a mix battle. Track of storm east by 50 miles will make the difference.

5. The area of central Pa., to Virginia that has been in the snow hole, well, the snow hole continues with this storm as Ohio Valley snow runs out of steam as coastal low takes over.

6. Winds behind the storm will blow and drift the snow around the Ohio Valley and Plains. Watch for local ground blizzards and sudden whiteouts behind the storm Monday into Wednesday.

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