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    Henry Margusity

    Snow Streaks East... Heavy Storms Wednesday

    3/11/2014, 7:05:32 AM


    1. The snow area looks likes it's in good agreement with the operational models. The storm is a quick hitter lasting about 8-10 hours in any one location. Snow rates across the Northeast may hit 1-3 inches per hour, especially from northern Ohio into New York where the thunderstorms will be moving into the cold air.

    2. The storm should track along the thermal boundary that will run north of and right along I-80. That means warm air will come right into the low center and the risk for heavy thunderstorms with damaging winds will occur right up against the center of the storm. Temperatures south of the storm will be in the 60s and 70s that will fuel the storms as well. It's going to be quite amazing to see the temperature contrast over a 200-mile zone going from the teens to the 70s. Once the cold front does move through, get ready for temperatures to plummet with standing water freezing over.

    3. Thursday will be a very cold day across the Great Lakes and Northeast, but it's only a one-day shot of cold. Milder weather will return Friday and Saturday ahead of the next cold front.



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    Henry Margusity