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Spring Teases to Help Alleviate Some Cabin Fever Cases

March 6, 2014; 11:16 AM ET

Thursday, 11:55 a.m.

Spring officially begins two weeks from today. That means we technically still have two weeks of winter, but as we all know, winter weather can linger deep into spring! Given how brutal this winter has been for much of the country, I'm sure it would not shock anyone if it snowed all the way into May! The last time I checked, though, the vast majority of people have had it with winter and would just as soon see no more snow and no more bitter cold.

Unfortunately, I really don't get to cater to anyone's wants in the weather business. Oh, I have my biases, and they are well-documented! Since losing all of this weight, I now enjoy warm and even humid weather much more so than the cold and snow! There are more reasons, too, but those shall suffice. And I'm here to tell you again winter is far from over across the country. There's one storm rolling by the Southeast now that will bring some cold rain, freezing rain, sleet and even snow across Georgia and the Carolinas into Virginia through tomorrow before it pulls away from the East Coast tomorrow night.

Right on the heels of that will be another disturbance slicing across the Rockies tomorrow that will temporarily strip the springlike weather of this afternoon away from the region. Yes, another period of snow seems likely in parts of Colorado later tomorrow and tomorrow night. Oh, it will vanish just about as fast as the snow that fell Tuesday night did yesterday, but it's still snow, and a reminder it's only March.

And there will be another storm coming into the Northwest Sunday into Monday in a couple of pieces, and while it will be mainly rain there with some snow in the mountains, it will eventually become a storm with a colder side to it as it heads east, and that means a growing potential for snow. That becomes more of an issue during the middle of next week from the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes into the Northeast during the middle of next week. More on that tomorrow.

Between now and then, though, there are a couple of spring teases on the way! Watch this front coming down through the Midwest tomorrow, across the Great Lakes tomorrow night, then into the Ohio Valley Saturday, as well as the Northeast later Saturday and Saturday night. There will be a nice surge of milder air from across the Plains into the Ohio Valley and parts of the mid-Atlantic Saturday, and it may be a few degrees warmer than model guidance is giving it credit for. Here's the 12z March 6 NAM 2-meter temperatures early Saturday afternoon:

It wouldn't surprise me if the actual highs are even higher.

Sunday will be cooler across the board behind this front, but with another weak storm bypassing the northern Great Lakes late Sunday and early Sunday night, I suspect it will pull another piece of milder air right back into these areas on Monday. Look at the 12z March 6 GFS 2-meter max temperatures for Monday afternoon:

More of this is likely to get into the mid-Atlantic Tuesday ahead of any storm. In fact, look at the GFS ensembles for Tuesday:

That's a real nice taste of spring! That said, areas from the Great Lakes to New England see little to none of this mildness, and those same areas are most prone to getting snow with that next storm coming later next week. Again, more on that tomorrow.

So, in summary, while the cold and at times wintry weather will continue into the beginning of spring, there are at least a couple of spring teasers to help the vast majority of us get over this severe case of cabin fever!

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