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Just When You Thought Spring Was Here to Stay

April 29, 2013; 9:52 AM ET

Monday, 11:30 a.m.

I'm hearing rumors about this spring being one of the coldest in the past 40 years. I don't have the numbers in front of me to back that up, but from everything I can see, it wouldn't surprise me if that ends up being the case. At least this weekend, most of the country had a nice respite from all of the stormy and often cold and snowy weather so far this spring!

In fact, Saturday in my general neck of the woods, it was about as nice of a day as I have seen all spring long! There have been a couple of warmer ones, but this one had sunshine start to finish, virtually no wind and very pleasant conditions during the late morning and afternoon. It made for a fun day at the Ridgway Triathlon that I was a participant in, and it was a blast! I want more days like that!

They're getting one in Denver today with sunshine, as a matter of fact. Plenty of it, with temperatures heading to 80 or so, near the record of 83 for the date. In a matter of 36 hours, though, that gorgeous spring/early summer weather will be replaced by yet another blast of very cold air for so late in the season, culminating in accumulating snows later tomorrow night and Wednesday. How much snow? Hard to say for sure, as the snow that falls during the heart of the day Wednesday could well melt almost as fast as it is coming down, but at least a few inches seem in order. Here's the latest internal thinking:

Snow is likely to be seen in the Wednesday-Thursday time frame across parts of Kansas and Nebraska, northwestern Missouri, parts of Iowa and perhaps even into Minnesota. It may not amount to a lot in too many places, but even at that, snow on the first day or two of May is a remarkable thing. And consider just how far below normal it has to be in order for snow to happen! The average high May 1 in Denver is 66. In Kansas City, 72. There will likely be some places that end up with a daily high of 30 degrees or more below normal, with a daily average of 20 degrees or more below normal.

Look at the projected temperatures for week's end:

Not exactly a warm start to the month of May!

While all of that is transpiring in the middle of the country from the northern and eastern Rockies to the Mississippi Valley and Midwest and from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, it will be pretty toasty over the Southwest and parts of the West. Much of the Northeast will see improving weather as the week progresses.

Last but not least, the prospect of low pressure forming around Florida late this week and hanging around into the start of the weekend remains pretty high. More on that story tomorrow.

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