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Bitter Cold and Wintry for Most of the Week

January 27, 2014; 11:00 AM ET

Monday, 11:40 a.m.

A strong arctic cold front is rushing across the Northeast at midday. To give you an idea of the contrast from one side of the front to another, the temperature at 11 a.m. at Reagan National is 51 degrees. To the west at Dulles, it is now 39 and falling. That's how fast the temperature is dropping once the front moves in. There's a nice surge of warm air coming up the Eastern Seaboard ahead of the front, with a lot of 40s showing up all the way into southern and eastern New England! Once the front passes, though, the bottom will fall out, as it is now in the teens over northern and western Pennsylvania. Here's the latest temperature chart to show you the huge contrast from west to east:

This front is taking no prisoners, as it will drive all the way through Texas and down into Florida. It will get deep enough for some sleet, freezing rain and even snow for a time tomorrow and early tomorrow night over southeastern Texas and maybe a little sleet in the Valley late tomorrow night. Farther east, a miserable cold rain, mixing with freezing rain, sleet and snow will all fly across southern Louisiana, southern Mississippi and southern Alabama, the western Florida Panhandle, much of Georgia, and then, eventually, Georgia and the Carolinas later tomorrow and tomorrow night, ending from west to east on Wednesday. It will be all snow in Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula to perhaps the Jersey Shore tomorrow night. It may also clip extreme eastern New England and southeastern New England for a time late tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. Some of the potential impacts of this wintry mix:

How much snow? The latest forecast from

The 12z NAM model implies the snow can come farther north and west for a time tomorrow night into early Wednesday, so be sure to check back in later this afternoon and again tomorrow for further updates!

Aside from this southern and southeastern storm, it will be cold! Some places will be 30 degrees below normal this afternoon, as well as tomorrow. Look at the projected temperature anomalies for tomorrow:

And Wednesday:

The surface high moving down through Saskatchewan into the Dakotas this afternoon will slide southeastward to the lower Mississippi Valley tomorrow night and Wednesday morning, then expand slowly northeastward from there, reaching the East on Thursday. That means a very cold night Wednesday night throughout the South and East, especially where there is snow on the ground, which is likely to be in a lot more places then that it is right now!

Finally, once we get to Friday, the cold will ease, and we'll have to turn our attention to a storm that will spread snow, as well as some ice and rain, across the Mississippi Valley to the East Coast. There may be two separate features to track. We'll try to sort that all out tomorrow as we get ready for the last football game of the season on Sunday night!

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