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Small Sailboat makes an Incredible Journey

September 25, 2012; 4:56 PM ET

During this summer, three men in a sailboat with no fortification against sea ice were able to make it through the most northern Northwest Passage route. This is the first time that this particular passage has been made by a sailboat.

The three crew members on the boat were Edvin Buregren of Sweden, Nicolas Peissel of Canada and Morgan Peissel of the United States. The name of their 30-foot sailboat was Belzebub II.

Their 4-month journey, which began in June, is shown by the green line on the map below. Image courtesy of NASA.

The crew saw firsthand the changes that are taking place up in the Arctic, especially with the loss of thicker sea ice.

I encourage you to read the crew's blog as they made their journey across the far north. There are also plenty of images and some video from the trip.

If you do not have the time to read the crew's blog entries about their journey you can read a shorter summary about the trip from The Atlantic.

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