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PBS Ombudsman responds to Climate Segment Controversy

September 24, 2012; 4:34 PM ET

Controversial PBS NewsHour piece

If you have not heard already, early last week PBS NewsHour ran a segment on climate change which practically led to a firestorm of protest, especially from the scientific community.

The segment, which was headlined "Climate Change Skeptic No Longer Doubts Human Role in Global Warming" was run by NewsHour Correspondent Spencer Michels.

Video courtesy PBS NewsHour and You Tube.

The biggest issue was the choice of a weather commentator and not a university accredited scientist to represent the skeptical argument so as to achieve journalistic balance.

PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler received an overwhelming number of emails and letters in regards to this segment. (Ombudsman definition: A man who investigates complaints and mediates fair settlements, especially between aggrieved parties such as consumers or students and an institution or organization.)

Getler's opinion is that the program stumbled badly, but that it was not the end of the world, so to speak.

I encourage you to read the PBS Ombudsman response right here and feel free to comment below.

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