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Update on Climate Change Indicators

June 1, 2014; 3:42 PM ET

Today is a good day to check out the most recent climate change indicator data from credible sources.

Global temperature anomalies with trend (NOAA)

U.S. temperature anomalies with trend (NOAA)

Atmospheric CO2 concentration from Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. (NOAA)

Global sea level changes since 1992 (University of Colorado)

Cumulative change in mass balance of reference glaciers across the world since 1945. (World Glacier Monitoring Service)

Mass balance changes of large ice sheets since the early 1990's through different methods. (NSIDC)

Changes in global ocean heat content from 0 to 2000 meters. (NOAA)

Arctic sea ice extent (NSIDC)

Antarctic sea ice extent (NSIDC)

Arctic sea ice volume (University of Washington, PIOMAS)

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