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    Global climate change

    It is a Statistical Tie

    1/10/2011, 8:10:43 AM

    Satellite measured temperatures of the lower troposphere for 2010 were basically tied for the warmest on record, sharing that honor with 1998, according to Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

    Waiting to hear a comment from my colleague Joe Bastardi about this.

    The UAH satellite temperature data record goes back to 1979.

    Last year had a global temperature anomaly of +.411 C or +.74 F, while 1998 came in slightly higher at +.424 C, but according to Spencer, the difference between the two is statistically insignificant, so it ends up as a tie for warmest.

    Image Dr. Roy Spencer of UAH.


    Some other goodies from Dr. Spencer and UAH.............

    --The global warming rate is currently at +0.14 C or +.25 F per decade.

    --The northern hemisphere is warming at a rate of +0.21 C or +.38 F per decade, while the southern hemisphere is warming at a rate of +0.08 C or +0.14 F per decade.

    --The Arctic Ocean has warmed 1.66 C or almost 3 degrees F over the past 32 years.

    --The Antarctic Continent has cooled .29 C or .52 F over the past 32 years.

    --The continental U.S. has warmed .67 C or 1.2 F since 1979.


    Dr. Spencer also notes that 2011 begins a new era. UAH has just switched from a 20 year base period (1979 – 1998) to a more traditional 30 year base period (1981-2010) like that NOAA uses for climate "normals".

    Spencer notes on the new base period: "Because the most recent decade averaged somewhat warmer than the previous two decades, the anomaly values will be about 0.1 deg. C lower than they used to be. This does NOT affect the long-term trend of the data…it only reflects a change in the zero-level, which is somewhat arbitrary."

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    Global climate change