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Global Climate Change Indicators show the Evidence

November 19, 2012; 4:03 PM ET

Once again, it is time to take a look at some of the main global climate change indicators, courtesy of

First, I want to show you the latest graph of atmospheric CO2 concentration, courtesy of the folks from NOAA and the Mauna Loa Observatory. As you can see below, 400 ppm will soon be reached unfortunately.

Global temperature anomalies since 1880.

Total amount of solar energy arriving at the top of the earth's atmosphere since 1960. Note that there has been very little change.

Global sea level (mm), shown as difference from 1990, courtesy of tidal gauges and satellite data.

Upper ocean heat content anomalies.

Cumulative average mass balance of 30 reference glaciers around the world.

Arctic sea ice volume anomaly and trend since 1979, courtesy of PIOMAS.

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