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December 2012 was fairly Normal for Temperatures

January 11, 2013; 6:10 PM ET

Satellite measured temperature anomalies of the lower troposphere were just slightly above normal globally and basically right at normal for the northern hemisphere, according to Remote Sensing Systems (RSS).

The December 2012 temperature anomaly image of the lower troposphere below shows that widespread cold covered much of central Asia last month, while a significant contrast in temperature anomalies existed from west to east across Canada. Note: Blues and purples indicate colder than normal conditions for the month, while reds and oranges show warmer than normal. Image courtesy of RSS.

Below is a chart from RSS showing the up to date temperature anomaly trend of the lower troposphere globally, which is currently at +0.131 C. per decade.

The numbers.......

December 2012 global anomaly....... +.101 C.

December 2012 northern hemisphere anomaly...... +0.002 C.

December 2012 United States anomaly..... +0.83 C.

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