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    My Favorite Pictures, Part 6: Miscellaneous

    October 05, 2012, 1:05:04 PM EDT

    Clicking a picture will take you a full quality version of that photo. Please note that I have not put any restrictions on your ability to download any of these full quality versions. All that I ask in return is that you please credit myself and the Mount Washington Observatory if you are downloading for personal or non-profit use. On the other hand, if you would like to use a photo for anything that might garner you a profit, that is a whole different story, and please contact me or the Observatory for more information.

    For my final entry showcasing my favorite photos from my time on Mount Washington, I have a number of shots that didn’t fit into any of the other categories that I have presented so far.

    Here are a few photos taken during the fall of 2009, October 11 to be exact, that shows how drastic the differences in colors can be on days when we get a little snow and ice while there is still lots of color on the trees in the valley:




    In my post about sunrises and sunsets, I talked about how rime ice can take on some very interesting and beautiful formations. Here are a few more pictures of rime ice formations, that were taken on February 28, 2010:




    Last year, I bought a new camera. It’s just a point and shoot, but it’s probably the highest quality point and shoot I’ve ever owned. One of the things that it can do that I have never been able to do before was take long exposures, which allow me to at least attempt to take some pictures on nights with the right conditions (i.e. plenty of moonlight). Here are a number of night shots that I’ve been able to snag since getting that new camera:






    These last two night shots are particularly intersting to me. They were just taken on my last shift, and they show the moonlinght reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean (about 65 miles away) near Portland, Maine. You can also see the moonlight reflecting off of two large lakes in Maine, between the mountain and the coast: Sebago Lake and Long Lake:



    I’d like to finish up this post, and consequently all my favorite picture posts, with a few pictures of a couple of people that are special to me that I have been lucky enough to have visit me on the mountain during the winter. Back when I was an intern (in April of 2006) my dad was able to come all the way from California to make a trip up the mountain for an overnight. For those that don’t already know, my dad is a fellow meteorologist and


    Then this past winter, my lovely fiancée finally got to spend an winter overnight on the mountain. I say finally because this was the third winter that Laura and I had been dating, and it wasn’t until this year that it finally worked out in her schedule to make the trip up.




    By the way, a special thanks goes out to my parents as well as Laura for all the support they have given me over the years that I have worked on Mount Washington. I am especially greatful for Laura supporting the work I have been doing, despite the fact that it takes me away from home for a week at a time, every other week. I know she has had to sacrifice a lot to allow me to have the experience that I have had, and I am very grateful for that.

    So that's the end of the pictures that I had to share with you folks. Check back tomorrow for one last post from me!

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