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The Big Chill Gradually Eases

December 9, 2013; 1:29 PM ET

A massive arctic air mass that moved out of western Canada last week continued to push south and east every since. Some of the coldest weather in a long time has been occurring and continued even to this morning. Here are a few maps shows low temperatures Monday morning.





This morning's infrared satellite picture shows the extent of the cold.

All the blue you see over the Great Basin and into the Plains is not cold cloud tops, just plain old cold air.

One of the more incredible low temperatures happened Sunday morning in Redmond, Ore., when the low reached -27. That is the second coldest morning every recorded. Many other places in central and western Oregon had some of the coldest air they have had some time as well.

Several hard freezes have already been recorded in the rich growing areas of central California and Monday night brings yet another. After Monday night, low temperatures will be on the slow rise the rest of the week. In fact, moderation take place over all of the West the rest of the week.

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