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So Very, Very Cold In Alaska For January with Impressive Records

February 1, 2012; 1:33 PM ET

The month of January has gone down as one of the coldest on record for portions of Alaska, especially the central and western sections. If you live in the states and wonder where all the cold air has been, this is where some of it has been residing.

Some of the coldest low temperatures of the month occurred in the last few days.

Fort Greely: minus 50 on Jan. 29

Eagle: minus 58 on Jan. 29

Circle Hot Springs: minus 58 on Jan. 29

Kandik River: minus 64 on Jan. 29

Chicken: minus 59 on Jan. 29

Fort Yukon: minus 66 on Jan. 31

Many places had either the coldest January on record, or one of the coldest, and some places set the coldest month ever on record.

-Fairbanks: January 2012 was the fifth coldest on record with an average temperature of minus 26.9. Coldest January since 1971. Coldest low was minus 51 on Jan. 29.

-Nome: Coldest January on record with an average temperature of -16.6, records go back to 1909

-Kotzebue: Second coldest January on record and the coldest since 1934, records date back to 1929.

-Galena: January was the coldest month EVER on record with an average temperature of minus 32.6 degrees. Lowest temperature was minus 65 with four consecutive days of minus 60 degrees or lower low temperatures. Records go back to 1942.

-McGrath: Coldest month every on record with an average temperature of minus 28.5, records date back to 1939.

-Bettles: Coldest month ever on record with average temperature of minus 35.6, records dating back to 1951.

-Tanana: January 2012 is the coldest January in over 100 years, only January 1906 was colder.

-Anchorage: Averaged 14.6 degrees below normal for the month with Wasilla averaging 15.7 degrees below normal.

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