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Incredible 100-foot Wave Surfed

January 30, 2013; 1:47 PM ET

Certainly off topic today but still incredibly interesting and weather related, especially since surfing is so big in California.

Many surfers dream of catching that big wave. The perfect wave that they ride all the way in. Many movies have been made with incredible footage of surfers risking their life catching huge waves. But no more so than Garret McNamara from Hawaii. At age 45, this guy is the ultimate surfer dude looking for the largest waves he can catch. He holds the record of surfing the largest wave, a little over 77.5 feet back in 2009, as verified by Guinness World Records.

But this past Monday it seems McNamara may have beaten his own record. He was photographed riding an estimated 100 foot wave off of Nazare, Portugal. Here is a link to a picture of the wave.

Click here to see a really big wave

Guinness is going to have to verify the wave but, whether this is a record or not, that is one huge wave.

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