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Update on the Long Range Through Mid-March

February 19, 2013; 11:15 PM

Here is my latest interpretation of the ECMWF bi-weekly long-range forecast model output for North America...

There is pretty good consensus that there will be a weak to moderate blocking pattern in place from the Hudson Bay region through northeast Canada into the first week of March, which would lead to a colder-than-normal pattern farther south across parts of southern Canada and the U.S., while northern/northeast Canada remains warmer than normal. However, this type of pattern should continue to support more storminess (cutoff lows) across the central/eastern U.S. and perhaps southeastern Canada than what this model is showing for the week of March 4-10.

It appears that the model has a higher amount of uncertainty for the final week (March 11-17) as it shows little, if any, commitment to a particular upper-level pattern, so take that week with a grain of salt with this particular run. Hopefully, it will get some type of handle on the pattern for that week on the next run that comes out Thursday evening.

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