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Snowstorm Update

March 18, 2013; 4:37 PM ET

Storm has dumped a general 10-20 cm across southern Manitoba, but now the strong northerly winds are causing widespread whiteout conditions, leading to very difficult driving conditions. The winds should start to ease a bit later this evening. The wind and very low temperatures are also creating nasty wind chills.

Light precipitation has worked up into parts of southwestern Ontario at this time. As of 1:30 pm there was drizzle at Windsor, light rain/freezing rain in Sarnia and sleet in London.

Dry air ahead of the storm has delayed the start time in many areas, especially across Pennsylvania.

I do not have any significant changes for most of Ontario in terms of snowfall and type from what I discussed yesterday.

Again, the best snowfall will be across southern Quebec and then across Maine and into New Brunswick.

Snow will likely turn to a mix across a large part of Nova Scotia, but not before a small accumulation. Mostly rain across the far southwest corner of Nova Scotia after it starts as snow.


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