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Western Snowstorm update, Eastern Wind Reports and Long-Range

November 1, 2013; 10:31 PM ET

Powerful winds impacted eastern Canada Thursday night and Friday. The winds brought down tree limbs and caused widespread power outages. The worst of the winds are now working their way up through Atlantic Canada.

Environment Canada released a preliminary wind summary report for Ontario. Nothing yet out of Quebec or the Maritimes....

As we anticipated, the worst of the wind was from the Bruce Peninsula to just east of Georgian Bay, but it was bad enough for most of southern and eastern Ontario.


A higher amount of uncertainty in the long-range computer models as the pattern remains very progressive across North America.

For most areas, expect changeable weather during the next several weeks with brief spells of cold followed by milder weather. Storms and fronts should move quickly in and out for the most part.


Friday evening update on western snow event.....

Not including the mountains, it still looks like the region north of Calgary and just south of Edmonton will be in line for the heaviest snow later Saturday into early Sunday.

I now have higher confidence that this storm could produce over 25 cm of snow somewhere in the Jasper to Rocky Mountain House to Red Deer area. I like 8-15 cm in Edmonton, with the higher end of the range on the south side. In Calgary, I still like a general 2-8 cm, but very little to the southeast and steadily increasing amounts as you go north of the city from later Saturday afternoon into early Sunday.

Here is the latest ECMWF model total snowfall forecast in inches through Sunday night. It may be a touch high, but the axis of heaviest snow looks pretty good...

Regina will likely miss out on the snow, but the southern edge of accumulating snow will likely impact Saskatoon later Saturday night into Sunday. At this time, I expect 4-8 cm of wet snow for Saskatoon, but any slight shift south in the storm track and there will be more.

Previous update on the western snow event for Friday night into Sunday

Still looks like a solid dump of snow (15-30 cm for some) for the southern mountains of BC Friday night into Saturday as shown by the map I posted from yesterday.

For Alberta, It still looks like the region between Calgary and Edmonton will see the best snowfall (8-15 cm with locally 20 cm), and that includes Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer.

The storm track may be just a little too far north for much in the way of snow in Calgary. Will update again tonight.


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