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Cold Likely to Dominate Until the End of Month From Prairies to East

March 15, 2013; 11:36 AM

A strong blocking pattern in place across the far north will be stubborn and will likely not go down without a fight through the rest of this month.

This blocking pattern prevents the Arctic cold from just circulating around the far north. Instead, it forces the cold to take a southern path down through the Prairies and into the eastern U.S. and Canada.

While there will be short periods when it does "warm up," the cold will be the dominating weather regime through the end of the month and perhaps into the start of April. When it does break, and it will, spring should turn on like a switch for many.

Here is my latest interpretation of the latest ECMWF long-range weekly model into the second week of April.


Clipper storm for tonight....

The press of cold, dry air from the north due to a blocking pattern will continue to weaken and force the clipper storm far enough south to prevent much in the way of snow for southwestern Ontario this evening and tonight.

At this point, looks like the northern edge of the light snow will get up near London, Ontario, before turning more southeast. Most areas from London to Windsor will end up with anything from a coating to 4 cm. Due to the timing of the snow (at night), there will be some slippery roadways, so keep that in mind if you are driving in that region tonight. This will be a near miss from Hamilton to Toronto.

Storm early next week could be a sloppy one for eastern Canada. More on that later.

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