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Clues to February and Clipper Storm

January 23, 2013; 3:17 PM

Here is what the latest update of the weekly ECMWF long-range forecast model shows.....

As I said earlier, as we start to recover with temperatures across eastern Canada next week there will likely be an increase in precipitation as milder air from the south is forced to overrun the leftover cold closer to the surface. For most places in Ontario and Quebec it should be in the frozen state (snow).

There are indications of a second surge of cold coming back into the east early in the week of the 4th.....

I guess I was a little tired last night when I drew this's supposed to be Feb, not Jan.


Clipper storm

The clipper storm that will bring some accumulating snow to the Prairies tonight and Thursday will dive toward the Great Lakes later Thursday then race off the Middle Atlantic Coast Friday night.

Not a lot of moisture to work with in this storm, especially with all that day, Arctic air in front of it and limited inflow from the Gulf of Mexico.

This will be a fast mover, but snow ratio's will be higher than usual, meaning it will take less moisture than it normally does to produce a certain amount of snow.

In general, looks like a general 2-8 cm south of London, Ont, while areas to the north and northeast get anywhere from a coating to 3 cm, which includes the GTA.

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