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Clipper Mania!

January 15, 2014; 2:54 PM

Classic, Alberta Clipper pattern over the next week as the polar vortex will drop south into Hudson Bay and force a series of storms southeastward into the eastern Prairies then into eastern Canada and the Northeast U.S.

As is usually the case, these storms move quickly and do not have a lot of moisture but certainly enough to cause some travel delays.

The strong clipper, which has brought damaging winds across the Prairie today, will reach the upper Great Lakes on Thursday and will bring some accumulating snow. The image below shows expected snowfall tonight through the day Thursday. The clipper will steadily weaken Thursday night into Friday.

Speaking of winds... here are some of the highest wind gusts as of Wednesday afternoon across the Prairies....

Lethbridge, AB 113 km/h

La crete, AB 130

Slave Lake 126

Edmonton Municipal Airport 120

Peace River 111

Grand Prairie 107

Edmonton Int'l 106

Fort McMurray 106

Edson 96

I expect to see even higher gusts before the day is done.


Latest sea ice concentration in tenths coverage. As you can see there is a significant concentration of ice now on shallower Lake Erie due to the recent cold outbreak. Image courtesy of the Canada Ice Service.


Overall pattern through the end of the month and perhaps into the first few days of February

The stubborn area of high pressure over the eastern Pacific will re-strengthen over the next couple of days and will likely remain dominant through the end of the month.

This will force most of the precipitation well north of southern BC, leaving much of southwestern Canada fairly dry and mild.

At the same time, the mean jet stream flow will allow waves of cold to come down into the East through the period with the potential for some storm development off the coast.

Keep in mind, this does not mean it will be cold every day in the east through the period. There will likely be some brief warmups before each front that comes through.

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