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Update on Major Coastal Storm

February 11, 2014; 3:06 PM ET

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Just finished up with the maps for the upcoming storm in the Northeast U.S. and for eastern Quebec into Atlantic Canada. You can read my thoughts from my previous discussion below.

Even where this storm changes to rain, there will likely be a quick dump of heavy snow on the front side of this storm. Places such as Saint John, Moncton, Amherst and Charlottetown certainly fit into that category.

The latest ECMWF model continues with its more west track, which is in line with the UKMET and Canadian, while the U.S. models continue to be a little more to the east. Our forecast is more of a compromise.

I am concerned about power outages Thursday night in Nova Scotia/PEI and Friday in Newfoundland with the strong winds coming in after a period of heavy, wet snow.


Previous from earlier today........

A storm will gather strength along the eastern Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday and will turn up the Eastern Seaboard Thursday.

You can also follow me for quick updates on the storm's progress on my twitter @BrettAWX

The storm will strengthen as it moves up along the East Coast of the U.S. and will likely move over or very close to Cape Cod, Mass., Thursday night then up toward the Bay of Fundy early Friday.

Based on the expected track, the heaviest snowfall will likely end up across the northern two-thirds of New Brunswick and extreme southeastern Quebec and including the Gaspe Peninsula Thursday night and through Friday morning.

It does look like this storm will just miss the Montreal area to the east.

This will likely turn into an all-out blizzard from northern New Brunswick to just east of Quebec City and then up into the Gaspe Peninsula with the potential for over 30 cm of wind-blown snow.

Farther south and east, the storm will start out as steady snow for much of the rest of the Maritimes but will change over to rain from south to north from Nova Scotia through PEI and into southern/eastern New Brunswick as the milder air surges in.

Flooding is certainly a concern for parts of Nova Scotia and PEI with this storm as the rain will come down hard Thursday night.

Southeast shifting to south winds could easily gust past 90 km/h over Nova Scotia and PEI later Thursday night and early Friday.

I will have more details on this storm with some maps/specific accumulations later today or this evening. Also, feel free to contact me via the comments below or Twitter if you have a question.

There will likely be a small accumulation of snow over southeastern Newfoundland very late Thursday night and early Friday morning before it also goes over to a windswept, heavy rain with strong southerly winds possibly gusting over 100 km/h during the afternoon.

The St. John's area of Newfoundland will likely get a quick 10-15 cm of snow Friday morning before it changes to a heavy, wind-blown rain.


Warmup coming next week for the eastern U.S./Canada, but will it last?

My latest interpretation of the latest ECMWF/CFS weekly long-range output......

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