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Arthur Taking Aim at Nova Scotia

July 3, 2014; 4:18 PM ET

Latest computer models have shifted more to the west with the track of Arthur as it heads toward Nova Scotia late Friday night and Saturday. Arthur is also moving faster than expected, thus conditions will deteriorate over southern Nova Scotia and coastal New Brunswick later Friday night.

We expect Arthur to be a minimal hurricane or strong tropical storm as it moves into southern Nova Scotia late Friday night into early Saturday.

This will not be as bad as Juan since Arthur will be a smaller, weakening storm and the track will be from the southwest, not south, which will reduce storm surge.

This will likely produce widespread power outages due to fallen trees and branches, so be prepared for that, especially over Nova Scotia, PEI and coastal New Brunswick. Very heavy rainfall will impact the western side of the storm into New Brunswick and with saturated ground in that region there is the threat for flooding.

The strongest winds will be east of the center track, while the heaviest rain will be west of the center track.

Even though Arthur will be losing its tropical characteristics on Saturday, it will still be a very wound-up storm with an expanding wind field on its eastern side.

Here is our latest wind and rainfall forecasts for the region from later Friday night into Saturday....

Again, we might have to shift the track a little more to the west. We will hold off on that for now.


I am busy doing interviews today so I will update again later this evening. You can also follow me for quick updates on Arthur through my twitter.... @BrettAWX

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