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Drier Air Reaches the Northeast

July 24, 2013; 5:38 AM ET

Wednesday 8 a.m.

A cold front moving off the East coast is ushering in drier air, and places west of the I95 corridor should have fine weather through Friday. However, closer to the coast, it could be cloudy and wet because the front will stall offshore and a low pressure area may form along it.

Just looking at the morning pressure pattern (see map below the video) and the satellite pictures, it seems the dry air should spread all the way to the coast and the wet weather will all be offshore. However, most computer models show the upper-air winds shifting from westerly to southwesterly along the coast, and they show a band of clouds and rain forming from coastal Virginia to New Jersey and on northeastward through eastern New England.

If that happens, the moisture could easily stay in place on Friday. During the weekend, the next front from the west is likely to cause showers and thunderstorms on Saturday over the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, with the showery weather heading toward the Middle Atlantic states and New England for Sunday.

(Note, when I just mention "the Northeast," I am referring to the area from Maryland to Maine and out through the eastern Great Lakes. If I think there will be noticeably different weather regimes within that large area, I may use Middle Atlantic states, eastern Great Lakes and/or New York and New England. Admittedly, I can be inconsistent with those descriptions. When you see the video and other pictures, the specific areas I am talking about may be clearer than what you get just from the text.)

Here is today's video:

For now, a northerly flow of drier and cooler air is coming into the the Northeast. However, if the front stalls and a low pressure area forms along it, moisture would return to the area over or east of I95 as early as tomorrow.

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