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The March Back to May

May 14, 2013; 7:00 AM ET

Tuesday 9 a.m.

Yesterday, the Buffalo area had snow flurries. Tomorrow, the temperature will top 70. Yesterday started with frost in some Chicago suburbs; today, it's going to middle 80s. And, at Goodland Kan., where they had almost 4 inches of snow on May 1, it was 92 yesterday! The heat in the middle of the nation will lose some of its steam on the way east, but at Saranac Lake, N.Y., this morning's low of 24 will replaced by 64 tomorrow afternoon.

An energetic low pressure area west of Winnipeg this morning will vault past Vermont by Thursday morning. Winds have gusted past 40 mph in the Dakotas this morning. One concern is that with the warm air blasting northeast while the upper air temperature rise moderately, the stage is set for gusty thunderstorm development. These could affect parts of the Great Lakes tonight and the area from New York to Virginia tomorrow.

Northeast video

On this map, you can see the large area of southwesterly flow that's advancing eastward. This flow is bringing in much warmer air.

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