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Snowstorm to End in DC, Misses New England

March 17, 2014; 6:25 AM ET

Monday morning

Just as was the case with a storm two weeks ago, a snowstorm passed farther south than many computer models originally predicted. However, there seemed to be good agreement between the US Model (GFS), the Canadian (which did best with the storm two weeks ago) and the European that an area of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware would get the most.

The GFS ensemble mean (the average of multiple runs of the same model) suggests today's daytime temperatures will be the lowest ones of the week throughout the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states. However, the amount of warming later this week will be limited. Temperatures then will reach the 30s and 40s in New England and the 40s and 50s farther south from Pennsylvania to northern Virginia. A cold period is predicted for the first half of next week, and there are hints at possible snow, but then warmer air is predicted for the second half of next week right into the early days of April.

Here if today's video:

Heavy snow affected much of the Middle Atlantic region overnight. This map summarizes accumulation forecasts made toward the end of the storm.

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