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Preposterous Packaging Day

August 8, 2006; 11:45 AM ET

Tuesday August 8, 2006 7:45 AM

Particularly preposterous packaging day commemorates some of the more unusual or difficult to open packages we encounter. For example, I bought a DVD the other day, and the plastic shield covering it was so tough I decided I needed scissors to get through it. My wife was going shopping, so I asked if she could get me a new pair of scissors... only to get it home and realize it came in the same kind of packaging as the DVD. Why is this? I don't know. However, it's no more preposterous than realizing we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway... no more silly than to have Interstate Highways in Hawaii. In any case, our weather package has seemed preposterous to some. Some say it was vial: day after day with high heat and humidity.

Yesterday, cooling aloft caused cumulus towers to climb higher... and that plus added moisture brought a package that included scattered showers and thunderstorms in the Northeast. Some of the more intense thunderstorms even looked like they had corrugated clouds underneath. And, when severe thunderstorms threaten, the storm prediction center puts out a watch box to outline areas that could be hit with the worst storms. Now it appears slightly drier air will put a lid on it. Later Thursday or Friday, there could be a thunderstorm, but that possibility may be peanuts.

Many people like the kind of weather we are about to receive, especially considering that summer started with so much rain. I was talking to a friend about this. She said she was bored with the frequent envelope of clouds back in June. Her plans had been bottled up. But when I mentioned that it looked sunny for most of the next 5 days, she could hardly container self. She was tired of the weather being in the same old bag. With that, I decided it was time for me to put a lid on it. Time to pack it in. That's a wrap.

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