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One Storm After Another

June 11, 2013; 9:09 AM ET

Tuesday 10 a.m.

The rain storm that drenched the I95 corridor yesterday is exiting through northern New England today. A few patches and bands of showers follow the main rain area. As of late morning, one such band (the most prominent) extended from Syracuse, N.Y., to just east of Cumberland, Md.

Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms are firing up in the central Plains. They are forming near the boundary between a very hot air mass to the south and more moderate air to the north. In response to strengthening trough aloft, a low pressure area will form at ground level along the front and an area of heavy rain with embedded thunderstorms will break out. This activity will affect the southern Great Lakes tomorrow and tomorrow night, then move through the East.

Northeast video from 6:30 a.m. Tuesday:

Chicago area video from 8:30 a.m. CDT Tuesday

This map shows the area that could have damaging thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow night.

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