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New Month, Same Weather

October 1, 2013; 7:21 AM ET

Tuesday 8 a.m.

The video shows how the weather pattern should evolve during the next seven days. I also talk about national seafood month. As you will see, something is fishy with the video.

October is national seafood month. It reminds me that in the forecasting business, we're always fishing for the most appetizing ways of presenting the forecast. If you go out for dinner tonight, here's the hope you get service from one of the hip waiters. This morning I can be a grouper in terms of forecasting for the Eastern states, because we're all in the same boat: oceans of sunshine as far as you can sea. However, when you cast off on many fall mornings, there will be patches of dense fog, especially in the normally cooler, outlying areas. Knowing about the fog can tip the scales between getting to work on time or showing up late and being crabby with coworkers while you fish for excuses with the pinstriped bass.

But are we all just prawns in a krill world? No. Today, tomorrow and Thursday will be great for all outdoor activities. It'll be great for any outdoor o-cajun. Earlier, in the summer, wet weather meant no threat of trout, but recently we have not been filled to the gills with moisture. Showers and thunderstorms are spawning in west-central states... and the currents could bring them here this weekend. If that happens, you might have to stay in to clean out the haddock just for the halibut. More on that later; we never want to make a forecast that flounders so people start tilapia. In the meantime, it'll be shrimply wonderful from Cape Cod to Filet. So what the hake... enjoy the day.

That's it from my perch.

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