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    Elliot Abrams

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    National Farmers Market Week

    August 5, 2014; 8:03 AM ET

    Tuesday Morning

    Among today's fresh crop of stories and features on AccuWeather.com, here is where to harvest my forecast video.

    National Farmers Market Week. It reminds me that we only earn our celeries when we keep you currant and what problems may crop up before they mushroom. Today's weather should not cause a rhubarb, but with a cool front approaching, we could harvest some thunderstorms. The storms could pepper the area with heavy rain, but until the storms actually start growing, I am not enough of a sage to tell you exactly what thyme they will occur. In any case, the idea of thunderstorms chives perfectly well with what cold fronts produce. In some places where it pours, some folks may look out the window and say O my gourd. Those places will be in a pickle while a few miles away the weather is not cucumbersome

    Once the cold front goes by, hopes for lower humidity should bear fruit. Kumquat may, one of the biggest grapes we hear about summer weather is high humidity. (A fellow named Herbert was complaining, and the person next to him said, "Don't be so bitter Herb.")

    On the other hand, some of us just take it as part of summer... something to be expected from (and I'll just pick a pear of places) Amaranth, Pennsylvania, (the only place in Pennsylvania named for a plant) to the Big Apple. Once the front is offshore, the humidity gets squashed. When that happens and people ask if I am happy, I tell them I yam. Sunny, pleasant weather can't be beet.

    Moving on to the weekend, will we pay the price for the late week with sunshine? On one hand, we cranberry well see how that can happen. On the other hand, I could say you are a wise acre to expect rain to plow right in along with pitchforks of lightning. But hay! It is time for me to go. That's enough corn for one day. I have milked this for all it's worth. Today will be parsley sunny in most of the Northeast. Tomatto, the chance of thunderstorms increases, then fine weather crops up.

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