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    Elliot Abrams

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    Leaf Raking Season to Peak Soon

    October 17, 2013; 8:33 AM ET

    Thursday 9 a.m.

    This video lays out the forecast ideas from today through early next week. It still looks like chillier air will advance with multiple pulses from Canada. By late next week, especially during Halloween week, I think there will be snow showers downwind from the Great Lakes and into the mountains.

    As the sun peers through the fog, temperatures reluctantly start their midautumn climb.

    We're reaching the high point of raking season, all the leaves from all the trees blending into a crinkly carpet. The leaves lodge in the lawns, shove into shrubs and burrow into the bushes; the cereal box crunchiness amplifies the sound of footsteps. Various raking strategies have been employed... including leaf blowers, but there's always the problem with the leaf lodger... the kind of leaf that only falls into the middle of your bushes or gets stuck in some little rut on your lawn. No matter how many times you rake, no matter how many times you rake again... even to the point of blisters, those leaf lodgers stick like glue or break into tiny little fragments like when you go over a piece of paper with the lawn mower... it isn't that fun to pick up.

    And of course, the wind always shifts a bit while you're raking. Send a pillow of leaves forward, and some of the top fringe will be blown back behind you. There's a quick calculation figuring the wind factor for raking. The way it works is, the wind always blows hardest from the direction that gives you the shortest distance between your leaves and where you want to pile them. As for the weather, the sky gets spruced up tomorrow and if deciduous looking for sunshine for the weekend you won't be pining. However, a cold front approaching early next week will put a canopy of clouds overhead, and it'll get quite a bit colder late next week and during Halloween week. However, for those sycamore raking, I say take two aspen and sequoia in the morning.

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