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Heat and Humidity in the Great Lakes and Northeast

August 21, 2013; 6:43 AM ET

Wednesday 9 a.m.

Regional forecast video (for Great Lakes and Northeast):

Whereas many places in the Middle Atlantic states have had excessive rainfall during the past month, there are places that had been moist early in the summer but are now drier than average. This map shows relative dryness and wetness during the last 30 days.

Today marks the birthday of the American Bar Association, founded near what is now a golf course on this date in 1878. In the weather department, we try to state our case justice you make plans for the day. You listen to our sentences while you have torts and coffee. It's our conviction the weather will suit most people today and tomorrow. It'll be great for outdoor activities, so the ball is in your court. It's also okay for taking the kids shopping because it's soon time for class action.

If you go out for the evening, it will be humid and warm. You may want to wear some grand jewelry. If you stroll around then sit outside on a clear evening, remember that dew can form. Be careful as you approach the bench. It'll be foggy near Bar Harbor, Maine. Whenever there is fog, our advice to novice boaters: docket. Soon they will done with dis mist.

Meanwhile, parts of Midwest will have thunderstorms with water heading toward the sewers. The storms can affect places like Council Bluffs and Sioux City, Iowa. We may witness thunderstorms in the Northeast later tomorrow. Going inside for shelter is often a good thunderstorm-witness protection program.

The sun will come out at times in Washington Court House, Ohio, and the sun will be out for people seeking council in Chambersburg, Pa. It's hot across Texas: hot in Dallas, hot in Austin, hot in Junction.

In the Carolinas, heavy thunderstorms have hit recently. When do they get bailed out? Now the jury is still out on when the sky clears, but in our judgment, it will improve this weekend. In the meantime, water is still infiltrating little recesses and there could be some settlement. At this point, we're not talking damages. At the beach, swimmers need to watch out for sharks. You should avoid floating aloan.

That's it in brief. If you want the weekend forecast, don't make a federal case out of it. In fact, since the hour is early, I'll declare a recess for breakfast. We'll reexamine the case before the afternoon session.

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