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    Elliot Abrams

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    Cold to Fold

    December 6, 2012; 7:50 AM ET

    Thursday 9 a.m.

    On today's video, we look at how and why weather features should move from today through early next week. There is also a GFS forecast map that shows at least a chance of snow in parts of the Northeast a few days before Christmas. That map is also included at the end of this story. However, from two weeks out...

    There sometimes appears to be little rhyme or reason for the wild wings in computer model forecasts. But perhaps we can use rhyme to make a forecast for the next several days:

    'Twas less than three weeks until Christmas eve
    And from storms this week we have a reprieve
    We do face a morning of icy chill
    But no new snow on the window sill.

    The message today is the weather's not stopping
    Anyone who has plans for shopping
    Oh, the mercury has dropped near December's floor
    But next the cold air goes out the door.

    Last night icy winds did come forth
    From the frozen lands of the arctic north
    But aside from that the weather looks pretty
    Not til later will storms affect farmland and city.

    During this weekend, the temperature will climb;
    Why that'll happen I explain in this rhyme
    The wind in the southern Plains will be heading northeast
    And that's when our chill is reduced to the least.

    But folks all know that we live in places
    Where breaks like these are merely oases
    Turn the wind to the north: it quickly erases
    All hints of warmth, leaving no traces.

    The only question is when next that will happen
    When the warmup leaves and the cold wind is snappin'
    Yes, when is that time of which I do speak?
    Cold could rush in by the middle of next week.

    But what is the chance of a Christmas snow?
    That depends if a storm will show
    And it has to be cold, but this you know
    We'll keep you posted on any change in the flow.

    So I better stop here if I have any brains
    'Cause I just ran out of poetic refrains.
    As you head out shopping, you won't have a flap;
    As long as you don't give gifts that are unwanted or inappropriate for the recipient.

    GFS forecast for three days before Christmas

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