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    Elliot Abrams

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    Cheery to Dreary

    December 14, 2012; 9:08 AM ET

    Friday 10 AM

    Today's video shows how the weather may behave as we go through the period from now until Christmas. The sunny weather now in the Northeast looks like it will give way to at least a few days dominated by clouds.

    Today starts the halcyon days, traditionally seven days before and after the winter solstice. According to ancient legend, it was a time when a fabled bird, the halcyon, calmed the waves and waters and led to peace and tranquility.

    Here's a halcyon bird (I didn't want to cause a flap if flocks of you didn't know what this bird looks like).

    Unfortunately, this is December, and the idea of peaceful weather is generally for the birds. However, for folks wanting to flock outside, the fine weather going into the weekend will be something to crow about. Snow lovers in the Middle Atlantic states and into the eastern Great Lakes think it is loony, but eventually wintry weather will be ruling the rooster.

    But, as they say, each thing has its tern. For today, temperatures will fly through the 30s in New England and toward the 50s farther south (Birdsboro, Pa., and Sparrows Point, Md., for example). Okay, it may not be warm enough for you to sit out on the back perch, but by gully it is just ducky for shoppers.

    So, will it soon be our tern for snow? Will bird blocking blusters bring in cold air? Or will a would be storms get booted out to sea, robin the East of moisture? Return to your nest of correspondents on AccuWeather.com. Yes, we hope you cormorant here frequently. But I will leave you with this issue: it is claimed that goose-down filled coats are extra warm. So why do geese fly south for the winter?

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