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Big Storm Leaves, So What Comes Next

April 24, 2012; 7:07 AM ET

Tuesday 10 a.m.

The major storm that caused heavy rain in the I-95 corridor and heavy snow in parts of western and central New York, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia is slowly winding down. The upper-air pattern shows a strong ridge over the Rockies and a strong through in the East. By the weekend, a split flow pattern is predicted. One current will come in from the Pacific, then drop into a trough that moves across the Southwest and South Central states. Another current will move through western Canada, climb over a ridge in Manitoba, then head southeast to the northeastern part of the country. This will set up a huge temperature difference from north to south. This weekend's flow toward Virginia will start out over Arizona, while the flow coming to New York state starts over Hudson Bay! The video shows one of several outcomes.

Around accuweather.com headquarters, we saw snow, but the nearest significant accumulation was on the ridge tops. The camera peers out toward the ridge top and sees what was left of the snow on Tuesday morning.

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