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A Fine Spring Weekend in the Northeast, Unless...

April 25, 2013; 6:00 AM ET

Thursday 9 a.m.

Thunderstorms that caused damaging winds in south-central Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon weakened as expected as they approached the I95 corridor. Cooler air follows the front, particularly in the Great Lakes region, where temperatures started the day well down in the 30s. A pocket of cold air aloft helped spawn showers over Wisconsin and Michigan overnight and this morning. In addition to some showers, there could be a thunderstorm at some spots farther east later today.

High pressure will strengthen over the Eastern states tomorrow and Saturday, then probably migrate to a location east of New England later Sunday into early next week. The resulting flow from the ocean can cause low-level moisture to increase, producing clouds and perhaps drizzle or a bit of rain in the Middle Atlantic states (less likely in New England). If the pattern turns out damp as suggested by this map for Sunday, it could turn gray and drizzly from D.C. to New York City for early next week. If the high does not move offshore and no disturbance approaches from the west, it would be sunny and warm.

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