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Lion Dag: Portland's "Mane" Attraction?

Lion Dag: Portland's

He looks like a lion and even roams his Portland, Oregon yard as if it were an African Savanna...but a closer look reveals that Winston Michael is just a 180-pound English Mastiff with a very convincing lion mane wig!

"We're working on courage and bravery for him," says Winston's owner, Blair Steinfeld, who's been dressing Winston as a lion for Halloween, for years. This week, she found another reason.

Steinfeld is preparing to do excavating work in her backyard. The City of Portland ordered her to put a cyclone fence around her front yard to protect the root system of an old willow tree from excavating equipment. Steinfeld said it was the perfect opportunity to turn a boring, "tree root protection zone" as the city sign says, into something more fun. Thus, the idea of a "lion" enclosure was hatched.

"We're protecting the tree and the pride as well," jokes Steinfeld.

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