Northwest Regional Colored Water Vapor Satellite

About the Colored Water Vapor Satellite Images

AccuWeather's exclusive Color Water Vapor Satellite image shows detailed water vapor data on an eye-appealing scale from deep red to bright green, dry to moist, which enables the user to easily pick out upper-level circulations and intrusions of wet or dry air. Water Vapor images primarily show moisture from 18,000 feet above the earth's surface up to the top of the atmosphere. This helps in identifying upper level winds and jet streams for use as a tool to predict weather system movement, especially tropical systems. You may be able to pick up upper-level ridges and troughs (dips or upward sweeps of color), the jet stream (quick moving green over yellow and red), swirling high pressure (orange) and low pressure (green) systems, and moisture-rich thunderstorms or tropical storms (bright green colors).