Zombie Vacation Hot Spots and Deals

By ShermansTravel Editorial Staff
10/24/2012 9:24:52 AM

No amount of conscientious travel planning can prepare you for those unexpected, trip-ruining twists: violent hurricanes, lost or stolen passports, abrupt political turmoil . . . sudden zombie attack? With season three of The Walking Dead now terrorizing AMC viewers, the experts at followed in the erratic footsteps of Hollywood's favorite zombies to unearth some of this month's best travel bargains. Happy Halloween! For more travel deals, sign up for ShermansTravel's free Top 25 newsletter.

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1. The Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean

$204+: 4-Star Puerto Rico Beach Resort w/Credit & Extras

El Conquistador Resort, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Okay, we confess: the fourth installment in the popular Pirates franchise was filmed primarily in Hawaii (on the islands Oahu and Kauai). We deemed Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) worthy of making our list, however, as it's the first Pirates film to feature actual zombies. If you go: Donít plan on hiding out anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle, notoriously blemished with the deaths of countless sailors and Navy pilots. It's even said to be haunted by the ghost of none other than Blackbeard himself!

2. Las Vegas, Resident Evil

$80+: Fly Round-Trip to Las Vegas this Season

Major Airlines

As a convoy of zombie apocalypse survivors trudges through the Mojave Desert in Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), the sand and dunes all blend together. But when the group heads to Vegas to gather fuel and supplies, the scenery starts to get interesting. A worn and sandblasted Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, the "fabulous" barely visible, invites the survivors into a ghost city. The Nevada desert has crept into Las Vegas and taken it back. If you go: Stay away from the slot machines as it might hard to tell the zombies apart from the eyes-glazed-over nickel slot players.

3. London, 28 Days Later

$847+: Round-Trip Flights to London from Cities Nationwide

British Airways

Let's be honest, when a viral outbreak of any sort occurs, it helps when you aren't in one of the most populous cities in the world, filled with millions of potentially infected, blood-thirsty crazies. This nightmare is brought to life with chilling precision in Danny Boyle's acclaimed horror film 28 Days Later (2002), in which the city of London is practically unrecognizable, the usually bustling sidewalks of Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street all but eerily deserted. If you go: Perhaps best not to seek shelter in crowded hotspots like Trafalgar Square, King's Cross, and Camden Markets. Instead, hunker down in one of London's countless homey pubs (we recommend The Red Lion in Crown Passage).

4. Los Angeles, Thriller

$86+: Round-Trip Flights to Los Angeles in November

Major Airlines

Although not a full-length feature, Thriller (1983) was the first big-budget music video with as much emphasis on the story line as the song, which makes it a bona fide short film. Shot in and around Los Angeles, the seminal video showcased the vaudeville-era Palace Theatre in newly revitalized downtown L.A.; a warehouse district in East Los Angeles, where the dance sequences were filmed; and the historic Angelino Heights neighborhood, considered one of L.A.ís first suburbs. If you go: The Palace Theatre is one of 13 historic structures listed on the Los Angeles Conservancy's historic downtown self-guided tour.

5. New York City, I Am Legend

$108+: Fly Round-Trip to New York City in December

Major Airlines

Weeds crowding Times Square, deer prancing through the streets, and even lions roaring on Broadway (presumably escaped from the Bronx Zoo, the only zoo in the city that houses them) make up the eerily empty version of New York City in the Will Smith flick I am Legend (2007). Filming practically evacuated entire sections of the city, including several blocks of Fifth Avenue, to create the deserted city landscape; digital effects completed the illusion. If you go: Head to the Port Authority Bus Terminal (surely even zombies know to steer clear of that station).

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