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    Some Rain for Santa on his Around the World Flight

    By Vickie Frantz, AccuWeather.com Staff Writer
    12/23/2011 10:00:49 AM

    Christmas Eve is approaching quickly. What will the weather be for Santa's big night?

    Santa's flight image courtesy of Photos.com

    The weather will be very cold as the elves load the presents into Santa's sleigh. It will be overcast with a low of -9 degrees F and the high will only reach 3 degrees F.

    Mrs. Claus will be keeping Santa and the elves warm with some hot chocolate.

    Once the sleigh is loaded and ready to go, Santa will be bundled up as he makes his journey around the world delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls.

    As he travels around the U.S. most of the country will be dry, but there will be a few trouble spots.

    "As Santa heads south he will pass through some rain in eastern Texas and the Carolinas," said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.

    In addition to the showers in the southern U.S. there will be a few trouble spots as he heads around the world.


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    "A tropical cyclone will be brewing off the coast of Australia on Christmas Eve, and as Santa continues his journey there will be some unsettled weather in the Middle East and northward into eastern Europe," Kottlowski said.

    The weather in the rest of the world will mostly be calm.

    All the good boys and girls will not have to worry. Even in the roughest weather, Rudolph's nose will be there showing Santa the way.

    AccuWeather Broadcaster Violeta Yas is live at the North Pole with more on the weather for Santa's big night.