Romantic Rendezvous: 5 Romantic Destinations

By Lauren Mack, Editor
9/6/2012 9:42:53 AM

Credit: Bouchon

While many hotels and destinations claim to be romantic, many are just expensive rooms or dining rooms with a view. Joanna Brinjak of airfare shopping engine, has compiled five romantic getaways that offer beauty, great food, and an environment conducive to forming personal connections.

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From the verdant rolling hills of Santa Barbara's wine country to enjoying seafood by candlelight in Herradura, Costa Rica, these trips are sure to inspire romance.

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Don't have a special someone to take on vacation? Grab your bros and book a Bromance Vacation or your best friends for a Girlfriends Getaway. Or, if you are set on finding true love on the road, there is a dating website for that:, where "beautiful people travel free." Once you've found your match, consider packing your bags for one of these romantic getaways. Joanna Brinjak shares in her own words, his 5 romantic getaways.

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