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    How to Use AccuWeather.com's 25-Day Forecast For Long-term Planning

    April 04, 2012, 4:47:00 AM EDT

    To get the best use out of the 25-Day Forecast, following trends in the weather is key. The weather evolves in patterns that last about 5-7 days. Look for dry and sunny periods versus cooler and damp periods.

    "You can see patterns evolving in the 25-Day Forecast and be able to plan based on these patterns," AccuWeather.com Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said.

    These trends can be observed by watching how far above or below-normal temperatures are expected to be and the chance of precipitation and precipitation amounts.

    How to Use the 25-Day Forecast

    Margusity gave the example of someone planning for an outdoor wedding. If the forecast high is 65 degrees, the normal high for the date is 60 degrees and the record high for the date is 77 degrees, you can get an idea that it would be a nice day for the wedding.


    Better Planning for Vacations, Sports, Outdoor Activities
    With summer fast-approaching, the biggest travel and wedding seasons are right around the corner.

    Active families planning vacations such as a cruise can decide what excursions will be best based on the weather. If heat and humidity will be high, it might be better to pick a water activity rather than one that involves hiking.

    "The more information travelers have about the weather, the better prepared they can be when they travel. It helps them plan, when they have an idea when to expect weather-related delays, what clothing to pack, and whether they should plan to spend time at the beach or indoors," Darlene Perrone, editor and publisher at Destinations Travel Magazine, said. "Now, more than ever, it is important to pack intelligently for trips, to avoid over-packing."

    "Being a photojournalist, it is so advantageous to be able to preview a month's weather in advance, because I can plan photo shoots around the forecast," added Perrone.

    For those watching the forecast for an outdoor wedding, trends such as the chance of precipitation and lowering temperatures can help people decide whether tents will be necessary.


    Besides traveling and those closely monitoring the weather for an upcoming wedding, sports and outdoor enthusiasts can be more prepared for events and outings that are scheduled.

    "The 25-Day Forecast is a great tool for golf outings. I chaired an event last year and while I focused on the chance of rain, I didn't focus on the potential for a heat wave. A handful of days before the event the forecast was for 105 degrees... this left us scrambling last minute for extra water, ice, buckets and cooling stations. If we had known 25 days out, it would have saved a lot of last minute stress," Mike Wolfe from WAM Golf said. "A 25-day forecast will help golfers preparing for golf trips. Traveling with your clubs can be challenging enough so if you know what clothing to bring in advance, you can cut out some of the excess baggage."

    Wolfe expressed what he thinks will be most helpful about the 25-Day Forecast: "The best part about this is planning a guys weekend with your college buddies. We can now take a look at the forecast and figure out the best weekend to get together for a few rounds of golf."

    Avid fishers and hunters can utilize the 25-Day Forecast when making plans for what gear will be necessary for opening seasons and planned trips with friends. Knowing the weather in advance can give experienced fishers an indication of whether fish will be more active or tell hunters whether there will be good visibility. Campers can prepare for trips with the best equipment such as appropriate sleeping bags based on expected temperatures and extra tarps if showers are possible during the trip.

    AccuWeather Facebook Fans Weigh In
    We released an early look at the 25-Day Forecast on our AccuWeather.com Facebook Fan Page, and here are a few ways our fans said they would use the forecast:

    "I will use it! I use several sites and long-ranges to keep track for our family's needs. I like Accuweather's long range & I understand it changes as things move and change. Thanks!" AccuWeather.com Facebook fan Becky A. said.

    "I think this would be valuable information when trying to plan ahead for outdoor events, traveling, etc. It may not be as accurate as a 5-day forecast but it certainly can give you an idea so that an informed decision could be made regarding those future events. I say bravo to the Accu team and their innovative thinking!!" AccuWeather.com Facebook fan Rebecca F. said.

    If you have any ideas of how you would use the 25-Day Forecast or a time where you wish you could have had access to a 25-day forecast, share your story on our AccuWeather.com Facebook Page.

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